One of the major challenges, in emerging African economies, is organization of its marketplaces. Whether you are in Tanzania, Ghana or South Africa, it is common to see technicians advertising their businesses on street corners or customers looking for a plumber or electrician through a network of friends or family members. Fundi247 is a platform that is addressing this problem by connecting customers and technicians through its digital marketplace. As Fundi247 provides customers with hassle-free, efficient way of finding technicians at their fingertips, it is also providing technicians, who mainly are youth, with an opportunity to market their expertise and finding jobs for themselves. Technicians have their own application branded Fundi247 Pro to allow them to access additional features.

Currently, Fundi247 is available in Tanzania, through Android and iOS stores, with about 3,600 registered technicians across eleven regions in Dar Es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Lindi , Mtwara, Iringa, Njombe and Mbeya regions. Our technicians are all registered and vetted using National Identification or government-issued driving licence to give customer more comfort on technicians they are engaging with through the platform.

In addition, we are onboarding suppliers on our Fundi247 platform to bring additional use case that will allow both customers and technicians to order various items and settle payments electronically within the application. In the near future, Fundi247 application will also include financial services such as digital credit, savings, insurance as well as training.

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Healthcare is one of critical factors that will empower our countries and societies in the future. Due to high demand of affordable and scalable automation in Tanzania and regional healthcare facilities, WS Technology Consulting has developed a healthcare software solution that can be used by even hospitals in rural areas.

AfyaEMR is cloud-based, electronic medical records system and it features fully integrated electronic medical records, practice management for a medical practice, scheduling, and electronic payments  both in bank account and mobile money wallets. Currently, we are on testing phase with few hospitals in Dar Es Salaam but it is our intention to engage with clients inside and outside Tanzania.

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