About the Project

  • Public Sector
  • Technology Advisory and Project Management

  • Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)

  • Public Sector


TASAF is implementing a Productive Social Safety Net Program (TASAF PSSN) as one of government key strategies for operationalizing social protection policy in Tanzania. The objective of the TASAF PSSN is to increase beneficiaries’ income and opportunities while improving consumption. TASAF main beneficiaries’ are 1.1 million, poor and vulnerable households living under the basic need poverty line. These households benefits from a combination of three cash transfers: basic and variable transfers and cash transfer through participation in labour-intensive public works. There is also a capacity enhancement component for the beneficiaries on savings and investments as a specific strategy towards targeted beneficiaries to graduate out of poverty. In addition, TASAF has a targeted infrastructure component to support health, education and water sectors. Prior to this project, TASAF made 100% of these payments through cash and the process can be costly in terms of logistics and delivery as well as prone to inefficiencies during data capturing and reporting.


WS Technology is working closely with TASAF and other stakeholders to review requirements and design e-payments system that will be used to disburse electronic payments through bank account, mobile money wallets and biometric authentication process. This multi-engaging approach involves several levels of consultation among different stakeholders and making sure all inputs have been accommodated into electronic payments system design.


WS Technology provides technology advisory, specifically on the design of electronic payment systems, and project management services to TASAF E-Payments team on how e-payments system should be designed and functioning. It also provides project management services by coordinating vendors, other consultants, government agencies, development partners and research bodies so that everyone is aligned and TASAF is able to deliver e-payments system solution that will be flexible to future uses and scalable to accommodate future needs of TASAF and Government of Tanzania’s needs.