About the Project

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  • Office of Treasury Registrar

  • Financial Services

  • Software Development

Office of Treasury Registrar (TRO) has been tasked by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania with responsibilities of holding all investments comprised of in the paid up capital of Public and Statutory Corporations (PSCs) as well as in private investments where the Government owns shares or interests in trust for the President and for the purposes of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. In reviewing performance of government entities, TRO is required to analyze financial reports of all government-owned entities in a timely manner and advice government accordingly. Prior to implementation of FARS, government entities used to deliver financial reports in hard copies and this created major backlog in data entry and data analysis.
WS Technology worked closely with TRO team to review requirements and gather additional information related to the project before embarking into FARS software development. We used agile software development methodology and ensured that development cycle was consultative to all stakeholders.
WS Technology developed Electronic Data Interface (EDI) that allows PSCs to submit data electronically using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Once data has been reviewed and approved by PSCs, it is transmitted to FARS database. WS Technology also developed data analytics module that displays PSCs’ individual performance as well as sector and portfolio performance. This has allowed TRO analysts to spend most of their time doing performance analysis report generation instead of data capturing.