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Alaska Tanzania is one of the leading agribusiness companies in Tanzania, specializing in value-addition to agricultural produce and supplying to supermarkets, high-end hotels, restaurants, retail shops and catering companies. As its business has been expanding rapidly in last few years, Alaska Tanzania has been facing challenges of managing its orders which came through various channels as well as tracking its sales and revenue of various products. Prior to implementation of Online Ordering System, Alaska Tanzania used to receive orders through decentralized system using SMS, phone or email. After orders were received, end-to-end order management was a difficult and Alaska Tanzania didn’t have near real-time view of how their customers or products performed in a highly competitive, fast moving markets.
WS Technology worked closely with Alaska Tanzania team to first understand their ordering process and recommended solution that not only will address current challenges but also scalable and flexible to accommodate Alaska Tanzania expected high-growth in the next few years. We used agile software development methodology and ensured that development cycle was consultative to all stakeholders.
WS Technology developed a web-based Business-to-Business (B2B) ordering system that allows Alaska Tanzania’s customers to place product orders online where invoices are generated immediately and saves Alaska Tanzania staff time from manual invoice processing. The system also tracks payments for each invoice, issues alerts on products’ stocks and generate customized reports on products, orders, sales and payments. WS Technology also developed a dashboard that shows revenue graphs and key performance indicators as required by Alaska Tanzania. This has allowed Alaska Tanzania to have near real-time view of their business operations and can make better decisions and market interventions