WS TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING is headquartered and incorporated in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
It provides tailored technology consulting, project management and software development services to the professional market place which requires the very highest standards of service.


Azania Bank Limited
IT Systems Audit Project Management and Quality Assurance
Azania Bank Limited is among leading, medium-sized banks in Tanzania, with 15 branches in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, Shinyanga and Geita regions. Demand for financial services, especially in rural areas, and competition in Financial Services industry have caused Azania Bank to expand rapidly in the last few years. However, this expansion also has forced Azania Bank to review its technology operations and ensure that technology supports business strategy effectively and efficiently.

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Providing technology services to both public & private
sectors in Tanzania and East Africa Region

Technology Advisory

Businesses depend a lot on technology for operations, transformation and productivity. Our Technology Advisory group will assist Corporate, SMEs and public sector leaders to embrace always changing environment innovatively using an approach that closely align business strategy with technology implementation.

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Project Management

Solid project management is the keystone of our services. Our project management approach is based on Project Management Institute (PMI) PMBOK and designed to drive value, savings and revenue to our clients. WS Technology Consulting understands how critical Project Management is to the ultimate success of each project.

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Software Development

WS Technology Consulting will assist our clients with software selection, software lementation and/or development of custom software applications when off-the-shelf solutions are not available. We have solid experience in web-based software and database applications.

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IT Security & Risk Management

We understand that in today’s technology-driven world, clients need to approach cyber security and risk management with new perspective. WS Technology Consulting help our clients to identify, remediate and prevent Information and Technology failures in order to improve business outcomes.

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